Company Policies

The policies stated below are the terms and conditions in which we are willing to sell the advertised products to the general public. All entities whom wish to purchase products from our company are responsible for reading this page. By completing both the checkout and payment for any item's) advertised on this site, the buyer is stating they have legally agreed to the terms and conditions set forth on this page. If any buyer does not agree to any part of this agreement, we ask that you purchase the item elsewhere.

Advertisement: All pictures of products, description and titles of pictures are for advertisement purposes only. Buyer is responsible for conducting the proper research into compatibility with their computer environment. Company reserves the right to substitute product with OEM, similar like product, or color at any time without notice to buyer. Once an item is purchased, buyer acknowledges they have conducted the proper research into compatibility and esthetics of product purchased with their computer system.

Communications: Company has established a procedure for buyers in good standing with company to initiate in the event they may have with their purchase. Upon successful payment clearance, buyers in good standing, will receive this information to get access to established computer professionals with our company to assist them. These professionals have access to their specific information as they were assigned by company to handle. Buyer is not to communicate with company via no other means other than the established means via the support site. Buyers clearly know the company's policies procedures. Company will not respond to any emails initiated by buyer outside the established communication means. Buyer understands company will not reply to direct emails sent to them. Buyer must use the established means via the Contact Us link or the Support link sent to them upon payment clearance. Company will not release information regarding purchase to any other entity other then the proven cardholder themselves. Buyer clearly knows company's shipment and payment policies, warranty, and terms of sales regarding the purchase of the item.

Item Condition: All items being sold by company are system pulls from working computing systems. Unless otherwise stated as new, all products being sold on retail store are system pulls from working systems. At no time, unless stated in the products description or title, is to assume the product is new. Newer items cost considerably more than the prices on our retail site. The product(s) being sold on this website do not include any software, manuals, or any other item except the product themselves unless otherwise stated. Company reserves the right to complete orders with compatible items without notice to buyer. The buyer is legally responsible for reading the product(s) advertisement prior to the placement of order and payment. Any buyer completing the checkout and/or submitting payment for the item, have legally stated they have read the product(s) advertisement completely prior to checkout and/or payment.

Payments: Payments must have a confirmed address. Under no circumstances will company ship to another address other than the confirmed address. Payments submitted for products are pending until they are electronically transferred company only then is payment successfully made for buyer purchase. Because of the conduct of some buyers and others the deliberate disregard for policies, company will place a hold of no less than five business days on all payments being submitted. Payments via Stripe will be held for a period of no less than seven business days. Buyers must have accurate and up to date shipment and contact information on their account prior to purchase. Company will make no exceptions for anyone who does not have accurate billing information. Company will ignore any requests from any buyer who attempts to have item shipped to another address other then the address which has been provided by the payment service. Information regarding purchase will only be released to the cardholder themselves. Company will not give information regarding shipment, warranty, communication or any other types of information regarding the order, until entity has proven themselves to be the actual account holder themselves. Any buyer who fails this will be blacklisted without notice.

Product : Products being advertised on website do not include any other items except those which are stated in the product's advertisement do not include software or manuals. Buyer is responsible for obtaining these items on their own. Company at no time will provide any technical support or provide any other items other than that which is advertised. Company will not respond to any inquiries of a technical or compatibility nature. If buyer is uncertain of the product, they are to seek a professional or contact the manufacturer directly.

Shipments : All products are shipped only to either the credit card billable address or the confirmed address which has been provided by the payment service. Company will not ship to product(s) to any other location other then the confirmed address which has been provided by payment service. Company will reject any requests made by buyer to have item shipped to any other address other then the confirmed address provided by the payment service. As stated above, its the buyer's responsibility to have up to date shipment information at the time of purchase. Company doe not blind ship products to another entity, buyer must make their own arrangements. Company only ships to the continental 48 US states and does not ship to APO or PO Boxes. A physical, non PO Box address must be used. Any buyer who violates this policy, will have their order cancelled immediately and without notice. As stated above, buyer is responsible for having this information. Company's official shipment time of products is four to six weeks, buyer is not to assume any other shipment date which has bee specified in the company policies. If any buyer does not agree with this policy, they are again to purchase the item elsewhere, or contact company prior to purchase to make special arrangements. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. In the event package is returned, buyer will be responsible for paying for additional shipment costs. There will be a restocking fee of thirty five percent of the invoiced product price, plus the total loss of shipment charges. This policy is for products which are returned back to company as a direct result of buyer providing incorrect information, buyer moving, or typographical errors on shipment address. Shipment times are from monday through friday, and may not include Saturdays, but do not include holidays or events in which the courier is forced to close. The physical shipment time of product is determined by courier and other conditions. Once the package has been dispatched to courier it is the couriers responsibility to make the final delivery. Buyer is responsible for being at present at time of delivery.

Company will reserve the right to share information with third party entities without notice. Buyer must contact company no later then thirty-six hours after the purchase to notify company they do not wish to have their information released to third parties. This policy is holds for buyers in good standing. Company may send out promotional emails to buyers in good standing with special discount events on pricing, close outs, or give them coupon codes so they can save on their next purchase. We do not store nor share any financial data of buyers at anytime. All financial data is encrypted and stored by a gateway. We do not use any tracking cookies.  All other information regarding buyers sales and shipment information is secure via encryption and is not accessed by no other party.

Terms of sale. All orders placed once the checkout and payment has been received are final. Buyer does not have the legal right to cancel the order for any reason once the sales order has been finalized. Any buyer who placed a false dispute against company for any reason will have legal action for fraud taken against them. Due to the nature of some buyers in the past, company has decided to take no exception to any buyer who attempts to disrupt the normal business operations of company. The terms of sale outlined are clearly stated for all buyers to read prior to the purchase and as stated above any buyer(s) who do not agree with these policies or any part of it, are not to purchase the items elsewhere. Company will enforce these policies as a legal and binging agreement and will take legal action against any entity who is deemed to defraud or interfere with company's business operations.

Warranty : All products will come with a seven calendar day defective warranty exchange. Buyer has this time period to contact company of any defects via the support link with any such defective claims. Warranty covers items which have been installed by a manufacturer licensed entity only. Warranty does not cover compatibility of product being sold with buyer's computing system, modifications made, alternations from the manufacturer's original specifications, abuse or tampering. Buyer must contact company to have an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number issued to them. Buyer must package the item professionally and in the original condition the item was received in. Any manuals, drivers or any other received must also be returned in the package. Buyer is responsible for the shipment costs with the return of the product back to address specified by company. Under no circumstances will company reimburse buyer for shipment or any other fees associated with the return of the product. All installations must be performed by a manufactured licensed entity. Company may request such proof of certification from any entity who attempts to install product that they are certified to perform such installations, upgrades, and/or repair with the product(s) purchased from this website with the buyer(s) computing environment. The product will become as is with no warranties implied if the buyer fails to contact company after the stated warranty period, tampers, alters, modifies, abuses, or installs the product themselves and they are not manufacture certified/licensed. Buyer understands, company will not provide any technical support, advise, or instruction on how to perform or diagnose any problems between product(s) being purchased from website and the buyer(s) computing environment. Any buyer(s) will decide to install the product(s) purchased from this site and are not certified/licensed by the manufacturer, will forfeit any claims for warranty.


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